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Monday, May 25, 2009

Never Ending White Lights

"My blog" turned white, so they say - web designers - web sites black backgrounds are dead! So this blog and my writing. Been writing somewhere else though. Hope to post more often. Been paying attention to Business Intelligence and Performance management and business enhancement with semantics. And of course P2P growing wave a side with its law and pirates confrontations. While most still thinks web 2.0, on corporation environments specially, new trends rises towards what is called web 3.0 - the semantic web. A side with "new" undercurrent thinking about privacy moving to P2P like the guys from, new ways of P2P based governance are settlements for next internet generation. These sides may look opposite but its only a question of perspective. From my own its the beginning of something powerful to come.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

What has been said about TPB trial

“Threatening Vulnerabilities in the Consumer Electronics Retail Industry”

The following simple comparisons should be forwarded to anyone in the
consumer electronics or phone device retail industry.

With the current American and International court cases, especially in
regard to abstract information related to common activities or
technologies and the need to teach consumers how to use their devices,
your business and lives depend on a thorough and widespread review and
understanding of the current legal implications of teaching a kid how
to use their new cell phone.

First, a historical topic which has been thoroughly reviewed in both
American and international courts, setting a good precedent and
comparison for the current situations:

“Anarchist CookBook” — a collection of text files that explain how to
mix vinegar with baking soda to create a gradeschool volcano, also is
considered by American law to be a catalyst for urban terrorism. What
is it? A set of instructions, the basics, to create or use various

This, just like how you teach your new cell phone users how to move
files around or access common interface systems like downloading or
sending content between each other, is considered by the new American
(and International) law to be an instruction on how to engage in
various nefarious activities, such as file or content sharing or
related redistribution by your clients.

The current definition of both American and International policy does
not clearly distinguish the difference between explaining to someone
the obvious resources available to them, like an I-Phone touch screen
or a set of buttons on a conventional device, versus explaining to
them, with intent, the methods of redistributing and exporting
restricted weapons technology — no less more common things like media
files or images and content.

As research into various legal policy will elucidate, the various
threats to your integrity strive to claim that a simple helper who
teaches granny how to push the record video and then bring the vhs
cassette over to the public community center to watch a soap opera as
a group, is such a severe threat to American commerce and thus wish to
put YOU in jail for the blatantly criminal activity of teaching
someone how to push a button.

With modern technology, especially that which is more complex to use
even the most basic functions, this weeks’ implication is that YOUR
OR CONTENT TO THEIR PEERS is exactly similar to the charges filed in
the various courts and legal systems resulting in major criminal fines
and IMPRISONMENT for YOUR intentional violations of federal law or
conspiracy to entice others to do so.

Though short and concise, please feel free to forward this to anyone
in the consumer electronics industry, as this current situation
carries severe implications for anyone openly giving friendly
instruction on how to use a device to consumers who MIGHT SOMEHOW

Your lives, industry, and future depend on these issues being
thoroughly understood and reviewed in light of current legal

If these current legal situations hold, YOU, the EDUCATOR, are held
responsible for the misuse of whatever you teach or provide to them.

– For public distribution



From all the reading, I would say that no connection has been shown between the TPB operators and those users of their service whom uploaded the torrent metadata file (which *might* allow connections to the user’s computers, *possibly* representing a location where the data *might* reside) (futhermore, that metadata point is irrespective of *if* the user has or doesn’t have rights to distribute such data - it would need to be proved first)…

It seems that the prosecution is looking for someone to blame. I say that Google is much more responsible for blame, as their service intentionally hunts for files, metadata and more! It’s their business! It’s what Google represents - the engine that finds and indexes as much as it can on the internet so we don’t have to. The Pirate Bay has only a few servers, and it’s the users that upload the torrent metadata. Google has THOUSANDS of servers in MANY countries, all continually hunting for all files. Which one is more to blame???


Thursday, November 06, 2008

9 to 5 job guy offers him self as a Business and Tech Law Consulting

Given the times we living in, where Pirate's dilemma is more than ever, where blindness Law becomes it self a pirate in Technology affairs, where a deep crisis is going on which is making rates and oil cheaper (still waiting for the real estate) and because of the growing conflicts between conventional and underground media and mostly because no one can stop the blast of the "Do-it-yourself" trend (actually it could but we would dive into the darkest age of human history), I am offering my self as a Business and Technology Law Consultant.


Monday, September 15, 2008

Sofrimento e Tradições

Pela primeira vez vejo alguém que consegue dizer aquilo que eu sempre procurei e não conseguia. Bela forma esta, tão eloquente e veemente.

Esta é uma das vergonhas do meu país, a tourada. Sinónimo de pequenez e cegueira!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

TPB and P2P saga continues....

What things are becoming:

My comments on Wired Mag and "Copy Me Happy" Blog regarding the latest cover provided by the Swedish Media on a public attempt to hang the TPB regarding the presence of autopsy pictures of two murdered children (in Sweden) on the P2P network (as if it was equal as publishing those pictures on a website):

There isn’t greater danger than the days where the stupid and the empty blind faces walk among us. And these are those days.
Remove the photos? That sounds like a shot gun to me. A self shot on media's foot. Easy for TPB but not a less annoying threat. I lost the TBP counting points.

Read Article

Even if TPB removed the pointers to the pictures it was certainly that it would come up in other "pointing" networks (if they aren't already). I then realize that it is very likely to be a orchestration by media (and by someone else or is just the stupidity by itself?). This seems so evident because the question should be: who is sending out those pictures to the TPB? Instead they pinpoint TBP as the moral breaking. The orchestration is ongoing but it is not cloaked any more since media are betraying themselves because of their ignorance and stupidity.

This is a good reason why we all shouldn't believe everything we read and see on newspapers and televisions. Apart of this being obvious to many people the issue to me is that the stupid and the blind faces walks together among us hand by hand with other bigger interests.

I don't quit understand though the reasons why TPB administrators didn't removed the pointers to the pictures independently if they have or not the reason (I think they have) on the media hanging. Perhaps a stand foot on this media war or avoiding a precedent on anti-censorship policy.

Any way, this is some of the more to come. Welcome to the new reality paradigm of life: the peered individual's will (and the conflict with the centralized will).

Continues on next episode...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Children: Flying Cars Will Cure Cancer

World Mural Project

Computers will replace some of my communication needs (No I am not dumb):

It will just ask my doctor's computers if that test results of a special blood analysis he requested, results or not in a new doctor appointment and in what day and time was it scheduled according to my agenda criteria and scheduling.

Call me on the phone telling me a critical task result and asking me for some immediately action giving me advising or consequent results. Or just saying "I call you back with more feedback as soon as I process your action - Estimated time: 30 minutes".

Or ask my accounting's computers if I can make that new investment I need to my company.

Answer to questions made by humans about me or my expertise area and collect payment information, or not...

Send my CV to some requesting human resource company's computers that meets some criteria.

Meet the nearest 50 people's computers interested in buying the same brand new BMW with same colour and arrange a meeting with human owners.

Answer to marketing surveys and political polls automatically regarding products and services experience, social and environment (etc.) thoughts.

Calculate MP3s that should play according to my mood.

Making new music regarding my preferred patterns.

"Googling" for run-time detailed reports about some subject related with several others.

Advisory whenever I am making a stupid buying intention on the stocks markets.

I don't believe my computer answering my job emails.

Taking measures to survive

Smile me every morning

Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Knowledge revolution". And so it begun! It's Called NEPOMUK !

I have been preaching to friends and technology mates from some time ago that one day a pure P2P, Artificially Knowledge and Open Source Operating System will replace our actual OS and that it would be doing several tasks automatically (on a intelligence base) regarding our information management, search, sharing and what ever we do today regarding the information that makes part of our beings as live and digital entities. That I believe one day, the computer that already is, will be, day after day a "real" "me" extension. That would be the "Knowledge revolution", that would overcome the Information era we have been living in.

Today, after two weeks of using one of the so called recent web 3.0 (web 2.0 + semantics + etc.) web site, the twine, I found this interesting open source "Social Semantics Desktop", the NEPOMUK Project. Their goal doesn't surprises me:

"NEPOMUK intends to realize and deploy a comprehensive solution ? methods, data structures, and a set of tools ? for extending the personal computer into a collaborative environment, which improves the state of art in online collaboration and personal data management and augments the intellect of people by providing and organizing information created by single or group efforts."

What makes this a revolutions isn't the semantics, neither ontologies or whatever knowledge techies in "commercial fashion", in my opinion. Its all that on your PERSONAL computer added with a what-it-seems minor features at this time: the P2P system and the thirdparty components via pluggable adaptors.

Take a read on their Synopsis:

"...NEPOMUK realizes an open-source framework which allows integration of thirdparty components via pluggable adaptors. The core components and approaches will be actively promoted in open development communities in order to reach an early large-scale uptake and feedback..."

NEPOMUK brings together researchers, industrial software developers, and representative industrial users, to develop a comprehensive solution for extending the personal desktop into a collaboration environment which supports both the personal information management and the sharing and exchange across social and organizational relations.

Read more at NEPOMUK Project Online

And in an article in about NEPOMUK:

"Mandriva is an active participant in the NEPOMUK effort along with HP, IBM, SAP and others. Among the ways that Mandriva expects to take advantage of the Semantic Desktop include a community help desk system and a P2P framework for the exchange of data and information. "

Original URL: Open Source Semantic Desktop Is Coming

Yes I know, the article date is 13th July 2007, one year old and so is (actually one more year old) NEPOMUK project. But does it really make it old? I don't think so. "Personal Computer" never made so much sense to me than it does now. It's the future and so it begun!